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Digital technology and the internet have revolutionised  photography and its presentation. After many years of having very limited opportunities (as an amateur photographer), there is now no longer an excuse for inaction with respect to creation and display of images. 

Ever since I began taking photographs, I have always enjoyed sharing them with other people, with the fond hope (perhaps albeit forlorn) that they would also enjoy the experience. This website is my way of sharing, using today's technology. I have chosen the slide presentation approach to do this as it provides high definition, clear and appropriately sized pictures.

The website is structured very simply, with each page devoted to photographs from a particular area (e.g., the Inside Passage to and places in, Alaska). Additionally, to provide some idea of what is in the presentation, a sample of photographs is displayed at the top of each page. Note however, that the photos are not high resolution (only 200KB per photo), whereas the presentations are high resolution. The presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of each page. It is suggested in the case of the larger presentations, that you "save as" rather than "play".

At this stage, the website is still evolving and it is expected that the number of presentations will also increase. If you have any suggestions for improvement of the website, comments on the photos or if you are interested in a particular photo, please feel free to contact me at : 
Additionally, you can acces some of the photos contained on this website on Flickr at:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/globalfoto/ 

Please note that all presentations and photos on this website have been double checked prior to uploading for virus and other malware!


The presentation "European Beauty II" has been added to the "Europe and the UK" page under "Other European Countries" as Presentation 5. Additionally, a presentation entitled  "Northumberland"  has been added to the "Europe and the UK"  page in the  "Northern UK" section as Presentation 5.

I hope you enjoy viewing the website, and  if you are interested, please check regularly for additional presentations. A word of explanation though, the website is not enabled for Tablets or iPads at the moment, so if you are using any of these, the photos on each webpage will appear less ordered compared with those seen when using a laptop or desktop computer.


Miles G Nicholls

3rd June, 2019



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