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Midlands UK

This page contains a number of
presentations focusing on areas in the Midlands of the UK. Other areas of the North and South of the UK may also be included as the presentations are classified according to the location of the majority of the photos. The presentations are as follows:

Presentation 1: East Midlands 
Presentation 2: Quintessentially English 
Presentation 3: Norfolk

These presentations can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

  Below are some 'sampler' photos from the presentations.

Lincoln CathedralHaddon Hall 

From Haddon HallHathersage

Kenilworth Castle Salisbury

Presentation 1 East Midlands

This presentation  is approximately 39MB in size  and will take around a minute or so to download.  Total slides :21

Download Presentation here:  East Midlands Presentation

Presentation 2 East Quintessentially English

The slide presentation  is approximately 42 MB  in size and will take around 1.5  minutes to download. Total slides: 27

Download Presentation here:
 Quintessentially English Presentation

Presentation 3 Norfolk

The slide presentation  is approximately 54 MB  in size and will take less than a minute to download. Total slides: 30

Download Presentation here: Norfolk Presentation


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